Selling Diamonds: High Value Shipping Options


If you deficiency to market your diamonds or jewelry, but there is no where local to do it, what are your options? How can you be sure about reasonable shipping your expensive jewelry off to someone? This thing tells you haw you can and what steps you can transact to make sure they are legitimate.

Selling Diamonds: High Value Shipping Options

Selling Diamonds: High Value Shipping Options

Are you considering selling a diamond to a diamond broker located far from home? Selling diamonds often requires shipping your precious gemstones to out-of-town brokers for evaluation before the pact can be sealed After all, most dealers need to verify the value of diamonds before they’ll make an adduce and that’s entity that can’t be evaluated without a physical inspection However, it’s understandable that you’d be cautious about plopping your diamond circle into an envelope and shipping it off Fortunately, you do have some rangy value shipping options at your disposal When it comes to selling diamonds, your stillness of humour must be ensured from the moment your parcel leaves your door until the final remuneration arrives in your bank balance Below are a few lanky value shipping options to consider. FedEx’s Declared Value Exception ProgramFedEx normally side the natural maximum recognized value of items to moderate $1,000 which isn’t normally considered sufficient when selling diamonds However, rules often obtain exceptions, and this is true of FedEx. Its Declared Value Exception program allows shippers to evince up to $50,000 on specialty items including diamonds. In decree to use this service, you must meet specific eligibility requirements such as having an active FedEx statement and an voguish relationship with FedEx The bunch moreover considers your epic including losses, claims, and revenue In addition, special packaging is needful for high value shipments. FedEx offers inoffensive boxes and precaution boxes for these shipments Be aware that only a handful of FedEx locations (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, and Atlanta) serve as drop-off locations for the Declared Value Exception program at the higher final of the spectrum Specialized High Value / High Security Shipping ServicesMany shippers specialize in transporting high value items Though some of these services cater to businesses, some quote secure transport of lanky value items for consumers Many of these services present armored surety services to businesses, but some advance private shipping options to consumers Considerations when selecting a gigantic value, colossal protection shipping service include:

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Insurance options

Security procedures

Tracking options

Finding the right lofty surety shipping band for a single big value thing can be challenging however. Ask folks you trust such as your jeweler, banker, or affluent friends for recommendations Using the Diamond Buyer’s Preferred Shipping OptionsMany diamond buyers are aware of your concerns about shipping and selling diamonds, yet they need a means of assessing the value of diamonds before they can make an instance Recognizing this catch-22, many diamond buyers name achieve rangy value shipping options For example, DiamondBuyerscom offers a 100 percent secure, insured shipping clue Not only can you break sanguine that your diamonds cede arrive safely or be covered by insurance if they don’t you besides secure added quiet of mood due to the video-recorded check-in procedures. While supplementary shippers can gain your diamonds to the facility, once the combination leaves their hands, it’s no longer their issue Choose a diamond buyer that takes precaution seriously and has processes in cubby-hole to fairly documentation your diamonds while they are in-transit and at their check facilities .